Would You Eat Plane Food If Michelle Bernstein Was Cooking It?

Remember that one crazy (and by crazy, we mean basically impossible) Top Chef challenge where they had to make tasty plane food that would keep in holding trays and retain optimum yummyness at high altitudes? Well, any great accomplishments that were achieved during that challenge (and none come to mind) have just been smoked by Michelle Bernstein.

Apparently, first class passengers on international Delta flights are handed real, live menus created by Executive Chef Michelle Bernstein, as a flight attendant flicks a real, live table cloth atop their airplane trays for dinner service. So classy, Delta!

During your multi-course business class meal, you can expect to be served dishes like lightly cured gravlax with lemon mayonnaise, Japanese pear salad, short rib with polenta and asparagus, and a choice between flourless chocolate cake or a cheese plate for dessert. Sound like Restaurant Week at 30,000 feet? We think so, too.

To be sure, there were hits and misses, and you can read Serious Eats’ review of the menu here.

Oh, Michy. You’ll always be the Top Chef Master of our hearts, even if they never invite you on for real.

[Serious Eats]

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