WATCH: Michelle Bernstein’s Mommy-Talk-Fueled Gnocci Fail On Today

Gnocci has done in many a Top Cheftestant, but this morning on The Today Show, it claimed another victim: Michelle Bernstein. To be fair, Savannah Guthrie committed a major anchor faux pas by asking Michelle about her new baby during a 4-minute cooking segment, during which she had to show gnocci three ways.

Then, the pair got talking about mommy blogging for NBC Latino, pureeing your own baby food for acid reflux/colic-plagued babies, and how to do it with Jewish/Latin culinary fusion, and it was all over. Michelle got about a dish and a quarter out before her time was up and they had to cut her off with the placating “well, the rest of these recipes will be up on the website. Thanks, Michelle!” line.

Check out the vice-like grip of mommyhood obsession below.

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