comScore Michelle Obama Announces Muppet Ad Campaign for Produce

Michelle Obama Announces Muppet Advertising for Fruit and Vegetable Companies

For the first time, Sesame Workshop will grant free licensing use of its Muppets to produce farmers to market fruits and vegetables to children, First Lady Michelle Obama announced today, with the help of Sesame Street’s Rosita and a very sassy Elmo at a superadorable press conference.

While it’s absurd to think that cartoon characters have an impact on children’s food choices, it actually does happen: a three-year study conducted by Cornell University found that Elmo-branded fruits and vegetables got schoolchildren to eat nearly twice as much produce than un-Elmo’d fruits and vegetables. (That little red monster is freakishly hypnotic.)

This initiative is the latest campaign by¬†Let’s Move!, the program where Michelle Obama gets to hang out with adorbale famouses while talking up the power of healthy eating and dancing. It’s also great to see things patched up between the White House and Sesame Workshop, which got miffed last year after the presidential campaign turned Big Bird into a political talking point.

Watch Michelle Obama explain it below:

[h/t Obama Foodorama]

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