WATCH: Michelle Obama And Nigella Lawson Take Over Rachael Ray, Break The Fierce Scale

Who does Rachael Ray think she is? Do we really need to be so completely overwhelmed by ferocity, grace, lady power, and hot outfits in a single episode of The Rachael Ray Show? If that was her plan for the day, she succeeded. Rachael booked not only Michelle Obama on this morning’s episode, but also Nigella Lawson in her customary jewel-toned, cowlneck-and-pencil-skirt get up. Thank god Beyonce didn’t jump out of the pantry, or our hearts would have stopped.

Shelly-O stopped by via satellite to show off her FLOTUS office, talk her Oscar picks (holla Beasts of the Southern Wild!), and invite Rachael to a Let’s Move initiative in Mississippi, which will be featured on an episode of the show next month. Nigella prepped a lamb slow-cooker meal, kvetched about the boys on The Taste, and revealed her hoarder tendencies. In other words: Rachael Ray won today. The rest of us can quit trying.

Check out clips of their appearances below.

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