WATCH: Michelle Obama Plays Foodie ‘Would You Rather?’ With Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray celebrated her season premiere of The Rachael Ray Show today, and, to kick off both her first season in a new studio and shooting in HD for the first time, she brought on First Lady Michelle Obama to cook and chat. After serving up some “healthy” broccoli cheddar turkey burgers with Lady O’s signature avocado ranch dressing, Michelle and Rachael played a round of Mom-in-Chief-themed Pop the Question along with a foodie version of Would You Rather. A few highlights:

  • Michelle is not and never has been a coffee drinker (although her sleep schedule is generally 9pm — 4am).
  • It’s okay to be bad at math when you’re a kid. First Lady says so. (She tries to get Barack to help, “but sometimes he’s busy.”)
  • FLO and PO met while she was mentoring him at a law firm… ah, the great Presidential tradition of seducing interns.
  • Rachael Ray vs. Michelle Obama: “Same energy. Smaller package.”

Check out the rest of Michelle and Rachael’s interview below.

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