Of Course Michelle Obama And Cris Comeford Would Make Christmas Candy Using Vegetables

It’s Winter Solstice Meaningful Holiday Season at the White House, but this year, things are a little different. This year, Michelle “Killjoy” Obama and Cris “Aiding And Abetting” Comeford have decided to press their healthy eating agenda onto our most valued holiday tradition: the consumption of many, many sugary sweets with no care for consequences.

Obama Foodorama reveals that during a holiday crafting event thrown for the children of military families, Mrs. Obama and Chef Comeford helped the wee ones decorate holiday-themed lollipops using…vegetables. 

See that White House Honey Tea Lollipop that the First Lady has up there? It’s got candied beets, carrots, celery, and fennel on it. What are these deviant sweets? “They’re healthy and delicious,” Mrs. Obama said.

We see your “healthy” candy, Mrs. Obama, and we see a continued war on Christmas. How soon will it be before you and Comeford push your agenda onto other traditions? Will you leave decorated radishes out for Santa? Will you stage a performance of the Nutcracker Suite with the Sugar Beet Fairy?  Will you store radicchio and brussel sprouts in your advent calendars?

We prefer to keep the visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads, so stop replacing them with cucumbers and broccoli.

[Obama Foodorama]

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