Mike Isabella Responds To WaPo Review Slamming Decor Of New Restaurant

“The Addams Family dining room”? “Black hole”? The use of all caps to describe frustration with the decibel level? The Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema clearly had a problem with the decor of Mike Isabella’s Bandolero, which he gave a decent two stars — mostly for the food — while complaining about the ambiance and noise levels of “one of the grimmest restaurants to open in years.”

Isabella, of course, had some pretty hurt feeling, and sent this response to Eater DC through a rep:

“There are two reasons why I go out to eat – to get good food and good service. Beyond that, who cares? I’ve never seen decor and lighting be such a large part of a restaurant review, and Bandolero isn’t even close to the noise level at Graffiato. Tom said he liked my food, drink and service at Bandolero, so why is he bashing my decor so much?”

We have to agree with Sietsema on this one, dude: spooky rock concerts are not particularly the best place to eat refined food guacamole. Unless we’re eating those empanadas and guacamole with the Vegan Black Metal Chef.  Now that we totally don’t mind.

[Eater DC]


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