WATCH: Mike Tyson Reveals What Human Ear Tastes Like On WWHL

Are you creepily intrigued by zombie cannibalism but not quite ready to go there yourself? Relax! Now you, too, can know the taste of human flesh without having to smoke bath salts, rip off your clothing (aside: what is it about bath salts that makes everybody need to be naked?), and eat a face.

Mike Tyson appeared as a guest on Watch What Happens Live last night, and during a game of Plead the Fifth (btw, he never pleaded!), Andy Cohen asked him what a human ear tasted like in reference to that whole Evander Holyfield thing. You know, that thing.

Mike good-naturedly answered the question and quipped that it would have tasted a lot better with Holyfield’s Hot Sauce. Tips from the master, you guys! Don’t make the rookie mistake on your first zombie outing of forgetting the condiments.

Check out the clip below.

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