Millennials Need To Stop Drinking So Much Wine: Last Call

Hey, millennials (also everyone else): it’s almost happy hour time! But, before you go, you’re probably going to want to read these…

Grub Street

Fall Harvest Underway At Napa Wineries

In 2015, millennials drank more wine than any other generation. A lot more, as in 42% of all the wine drunk in the United States. When people talked about the health benefits of wine, we’re pretty sure that a bottle in one sitting wasn’t what they meant…

Mild Winter In Northeast Drives Lobster Prices To Record Lows

Also, stop eating so much lobster, because climate change is ruining Maine’s lobster population. You’re going to need to learn to subsist on something other than rolls from the hip lobster joint that has undoubtedly found its way onto your block.

Vice Munchies

Bloomberg Moves To Ban Sugary Drinks In NYC Restaurants And Movie Theaters

If you’re still essentially pouring sugar directly into your children’s mouths in 2016, you need to stop. If everything you’ve already learned isn’t enough, how’s this: sugar has the same effect on your kids’ brains as abuse and trauma.

First We Feast

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Ted Cruz plans to stop allowing the military to have gluten free meals. In related news the last remaining millennial Cruz supporter has abandoned ship.

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