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WATCH: Sean Brock Cooks with Fermented Snails on Mind of a Chef

In this online exclusive video from Mind of a Chef, Sean Brock visits a Senegalese home and cooks a traditional meal that’s eerily similar to one of his own favorite Southern dishes. Theibou Yapp turns out to basically be the classic Southern dish Hoppin’ John, but with meat and seafood. Brock calls the dish “the missing link in Southern Cuisine,” and seems especially excited about the combination of meat and fermented seafood that appears in the Senegalese version:

“Love the combination of fish and meat. But not just fish — this fermented, deeply flavored, intense preparation. When you smell it when it hits the pan, it seems so natural with the lamb — so perfect.”

Maybe we’ll be seeing some fermented snail over at Husk sometime soon? Keep doing your thing, Sean.

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