WATCH: David Chang And Sean Brock Create The Perfect Post-Holiday Hangover Dish

Okay, so perhaps David Chang didn’t have this dish in mind for any holiday in particular when he filmed this segment with Sean Brock for his PBS series The Mind Of A Chef, but the Hot Brown — an old-timey Southern dish consisting of toast, turkey breasts, sliced tomatoes, bacon, and mornay sauce — is such a good dish for the season that we had to highlight it here.

How good is it? Well, in the next episode, Chang and Brock marvel at the Hot Brown’s unassuming potency. Apparently, after a long night drinking, they ate this dish at 3 AM and it was so heavy that Brock actually missed a morning appointment.

“It’s only from the South! No one would eat this!” Chang argues.

The episode airs on Friday, enough time for you to grab ingredients to shop after Black Friday.

[via Serious Eats]

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