WATCH: David Chang Has His Own Science Guy On Mind Of A Chef

On Friday night’s series premiere of David Chang’s new PBS show Mind of a Chef, the Anthony Bourdain narration wasn’t the only novelty. He also had a science guy! Sadly, it wasn’t Bill Nye, though. We know. We were devastated.

In an educational TV riff of yore, Mind of a Chef cut away to “A Science Moment With Harold McGee” to explain the nature of ramen noodles. Last night’s episode was entirely dedicated to the dish, complete with a trip to Japan, and some irreverent variations from Chang himself in the Momofuku kitchens.

It turns out that what makes ramen noodles so uniquely different in flavor, texture, and color from traditional noodles is alkaline. You see…oh, who are we kidding. We’re not going to start explaining hydroxide molecules. Just watch the clip.

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