Chef Ming Tsai Ironically Attends Presidential Turkey Pardon Ceremony

Officially, Ming Tsai was only a guest at President Barack Obama’s traditional White House Turkey Pardon on Wednesday, where he spared two turkeys (Cobbler and Gobbler) from becoming Thanksgiving Dinner.

But the star of Simply Ming wondered to Obama Foodorama if he’d actually been invited to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

“I thought it was quite ironic that they invited a chef to the turkey pardon,” Tsai told them, laughing. “But it worked out.”

And Tsai, an ardent Obama supporter who was invited to the ceremony by Cabinet Secretary Chris Lu ahead of time, pondered what would happen if Obama had pulled a Mitt. “It was neat to see President Obama in such a wonderful mood, because I can imagine that if the election had gone the other way, he would have been like, ‘Okay, goodbye turkey.'”

If the depressed President had ordered him to cook poor Cobbler, though, Ming likely would have steamed it — a Chinese technique usually used on chickens — which he used to prepare his own family’s turkey.

[Obama Foodorama]

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