Montreal Bar Signs Crack Rape and Domestic Violence Jokes, Owner Says They’re ‘Harmless’

Using rape and/or domestic violence jokes to advertise your bar and its delicious beer offerings is totally fine if they’re written in French, right? Because French is classy and charming! …Right?

Well, this is the logic of Nacho Libre’s owner, anyway, who asked to remain anonymous when speaking to Eater Montreal about the social media outrage sparked by a pair of slogans written on a chalkboard sign outside the bar. They read (translated from French): “I like my beer like I like my violence: domestic.” and “Pick-up line of the day: does this tissue smell like chloroform?”


Said the owner in a statement to Eater Montreal:

“We thought it was harmless. The joke is from the movie Hall Pass and Family Guy. It wasn’t intended to offend anyone or to condone rape or violence. We kind of find it mind-boggling. We’re not promoting rape here. We’re not saying that rape is normal and that people should be getting raped. It’s dark humour, not for kids, but apparently some people choose to interpret it differently.”

Joke stealing is only enriched when the stolen jokes condone rape or violence, by which we mean, “aren’t intended to condone rape or violence.”

Lessons of the day: bro rape culture is multilingual.

[Eater Montreal]

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