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Danny Bowien’s Mission Cantina Is Officially Coming, Everybody Freak Out

Opening down the street from Mission Chinese on November 20th — just in time to put some meat, beans, rice, and house-made cheese cheese on your bones for winter — is Danny Bowien’s Mexican restaurant, Mission Cantina, coming to deliver New York from its burrito wasteland.

“We’re really excited about what we’ll be doing here,” Danny told the New York Times. “It will be our take on Mexican food. It’s not going to be a taqueria, even though there will be tacos on the menu because we love tacos.”

Other details include: a menu inspired by a 4-day/35-restaurant visit to Mexico City, tortillas made from fresh masa, the aforementioned house-made Oaxacan-style cheese, a rotisserie for chicken stuffed with rice and pork for tacos al pastor, underneath which a bed of onions will sit sizzling in pork drippings, plus lamb ribs, pecan-coffee mole, and Mexican beers on tap.

Best of all: YOU CAN MAKE RESERVATIONS. Starting November 20th. If you’d like to skip Thanksgiving at home this year and just join us at Mission Cantina, we’d be happy to raise a cerveza to you.

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