WATCH: How A Voce’s Missy Robbins Got Her Michelin Stars

One-time picky eater Missy Robbins, whose parents whisked her off to Michelin-starred restaurants all over Europe as a child, recently shot a video for Michelin explaining how she came to snag her stars at two A Voce locations after taking over the restaurants for Andrew Carmellini.

“I got here, and it was a difficult time,” she revealed. “Andrew was a really respected New York chef; I was sort of a big no one. We changed the menu within six weeks, and within six months, I had new sous chefs, and new people who really wanted to work with me and wanted to be here.”

Translation: the road to Michelin is paved with loyal kitchen staff. Noted.

PS. The irony of “a Jewish girl from Connecticut” earning Michelin stars at Italian restaurants isn’t lost on Missy. Check out the video below.

[h/t Huffington Post]

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