Willie Geist To Missy Robbins: ‘Do You Make Your Own Lemon Zest?’

Willie Geist, The Today Show’s newest anchor, has evidently never set foot in a produce aisle. Hey, we get it. The bro aisles are in the middle of the store and the produce is on the outside; he’s probably just never walked by. But we do feel like it’s common knowledge that they do not sell pre-zested lemon zest in grocery stores. Which is why it was hilarious when Willie asked if Missy Robbins of A Voce if she “makes her own.”

Is it just us? Are there others out there who think there’s lemon zest from scratch versus lemon zest from concentrate that they should be purchasing? Is this how Worst Cooks in America found their premise?

Missy zests her own lemons like the rest of America, Willie, because we have yet to industrialize the zesting process. Maybe some day, we’ll all have micro-planing minions, but for now, we have to risk a hearty scrape of flesh every time we make Brussels sprouts, just like they did in the Dark Ages.

Also: what could one possibly make with two quarts of olive oil and a potato? Check out the clip below to find out.

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