Tonight in Food TV: Mixology AKA The Hangover: The TV Series Premieres

Ohhh boy. Because ABC was desperately in need of a show where douchey gross guys get with hot drunk girls and everyone snarkfarts on each other as much as humanly possible, but with rape jokes, misogyny, and racism: it created Mixology. Mixology, lucky for you, us, and everyone, premieres tonight at 9:30pm.

The entire show follows ten single people over the course of a single night in the same bar, and from the looks of Vulture’s review, that British guy won’t be the only person throwing up tonight. Writes Margaret Lyons of the pilot’s narrator, Bruce:

In the coda for the pilot, he’s scanning the bar for potential sex partners. “There’s a few girls here I can smash out,” he says. “Look at that chick over there throwing up. I’m gonna bang her out!” [End credits.] He also mentions in passing that a woman has a restraining order against him. I wish I could laugh at things like this, but I’m a woman, and I’m alive, and so instead of laughing at it, I actually have to spend my time avoiding being raped and worrying that if I ever were, the response would be “well, why’d you get so drunk?” Perhaps Bruce could “smash it out” with someone able to give consent. Ha, ha, ha.

FANTASTIC. Check out a sneak peek below, and try to avoid upscale bars for a little while.


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