WATCH: Eric Greenspan Drinks The Scorpion At The Bottom Of A Mezcal Bottle

Eric Greenspan visited Los Angeles’ landmark Oaxacan restaurant Guelaguetza for inspiration on his next sammie masterpiece: the Mole Grilled Cheese. Luckily, Guelaguetza also happens to be a world-class Mezcaleria, and the restaurant’s so-called “Angel of Mole,” Bricia Lopez happens to be a smokin’ hot culinary badass, so Greenspan was feeling pretty macho. So macho, in fact, that he had no qualms shooting the tiny scorpion at the bottom of the mezcal bottle to induce his customary hallucinogenic grilled cheese trance. Your move, Tina Nguyen.

Check out the latest episode of Melt Master in its entirety below, because did we mention mole grilled cheese?

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