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In Rite Of Passage, Momofuku Shōtō And Daishō Dubbed ‘Best New Restaurants In Toronto’

It is known, it is known: the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, dragons are hatched from the moon, and every time David Chang opens a new restaurant in a new city, he will win a prize.

And the lore came true, once again, when his two newly-opened Canadian restaurants Shōtō and Daishō were named in the top ten of Toronto Life’s Best New Restaurants 2013 list, with Momofuku Ko-fraternal twin Shōtō taking the top honor. While Momofukus around the world are held to a gob-smackingly high standard, they faced some pretty stiff competition: according to the magazine, 1,308 new restaurants opened in the city last year, “more than triple the year before,” they note, “and the year before that.”

Who knows what village Khal Chang will seek to conquer next Restauros? Houston? Qarth? (You know how to tip us, little birds.)

[Toronto Life]

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