Momofuku Ko Reverses Photography Ban For Fifth Anniversary

Image credit: Serious Eats

Five years ago, a little restaurant named Momofuku Ko opened its doors in the former home of David Chang‘s tiny Momofuku Noodle Bar, and, well, most food obsessives know what happened after that (Michelin stars, love from the New York Times, hatred from everyone trying to use its first-generation online booking system, etc). But what most food obsessives know as well is that Momofuku Ko was one of the first places that actively prevented diners from taking photos of their food — until last night.

Maybe it’s just because Last Night Was Not Like All Other Nights (happy Passover), but Ko allowed the folks at Serious Eats to photograph their dinner, full of some of the restaurant’s greatest hits over the past five years. So now’s your rare chance to see what the hubbub is about. Go, check it out! We’ll be right here, salivating over soft boiled eggs stuffed with caviar.

[Serious Eats]

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