Christina Tosi And Her Mom To Distribute Free Holiday Cookies With Momofuku Milk Bar Truck

Consider this a public service announcement: on Saturday, Momofuku Milk Bar Executive Pastry Chef Christina Tosi will be driving around in an AmEx food truck with her mom (her mom!) distributing free (free!) holiday cookies around Manhattan and Brooklyn.

They’ll be making four stops in Manhattan and two in Brooklyn, but American Express is asking roving pastry-desirous wanderers to track their whereabouts using #AmexMakeMyDay. GrubStreet helpfully provided the first stop on their free cookie tour: Columbus Circle from 11:00-11:45am.

If we were to speculate other stops, we’d offer: somewhere around Union Square (they have a Milk Bar stand in the Union Square Christmas Market), somewhere around the Williamsburg Milk Bar location, and somewhere around their Carroll Gardens Milk Bar location.

But please, feel free to stalk and hashtag their whereabouts on Saturday, and let us know how close we were. (Also, so we can get cookies, too. For free.)


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