Mormon Myths Debunked: Officially Okay To Drink Soda

Those oh-so-scandalous photos of Mitt Romney consuming the occassional Diet Coke have officially lost their controversial luster, because the Church of Latter Day Saints has finally stepped up to be like, “Uh, it’s not against the rules for Mormons to drink soda, guys.” (We’re paraphrasing.)

The whole no-caffeine-for-Mormons myth has been propagated by events like LDS church President Gordon B. Hinckley once mentioning that Mormons avoid caffeine on 60 Minutes, Brigham Young University neither selling not serving caffeinated beverages, and other Mormon and non-Mormon journalists alike claiming that soda and coffee is a no-no. In fact, even an NBC News special on Mormonism run last week made the claim that caffeine was verboten in the Mormon faith, which lead the Church of Latter Day Saints to run an official statement on the matter.

“The church revelation spelling out health practices … does not mention the use of caffeine,” the LDS posted on its official website.

In 1833, Mormon founder Joseph Smith decreed that “hot drinks” were to be abstained from, along with wine, alcohol, and tobacco.

But, says the LDS, “the only official interpretation of ‘hot drinks’ … in the Word of Wisdom is the statement made by early church leaders that the term ‘hot drinks’ means tea and coffee.”

Great news, guys! Caffeine = not banished!

Thank goodness this revelation was made in time for Taco Bell’s roll-out of that Mountain Dew and OJ breakfast drink, are we right?

[Huffington Post]

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