Morning Roundup: Peanuts & Collard Greens Don’t Mix, Obviously.

Good morning! Some reading to start your day:


Internet: 1. Whole Foods: 0. The supermarket chain shared a recipe for collard greens that included…peanuts. Obviously, the internet did not let this go. At least Whole Foods had a sense of humor about it.



The Daily Meal

If a ridiculously overpriced tasting menu for Valentine’s day isn’t your thing, might we suggest making a reservation for White Castle’s 25th Annual Valentine’s Day Dinner?

The Infatuation

Per Se is responding to this week’s epic smackdown with…what else? A chicken sandwich.

Vice Munchies

If you’ve ever said “I’d totally be a runner but it would get in the way of my drinking schedule,” you should head to Glasgow. They have a 10K where you get a glass of wine every two miles.

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