WATCH: Former Batali Student Returns To Bogotá, Opens Perfect Imitation Of Brooklyn Stoner Gastropub

Ceviche with ketchup and mayo; gin, campari, and jalepeno juice in a jar; gin and tonics served in wine glasses; and “a Happy Meal in a bowl” dressed as poutine and served at a late-night joint called Gordo. These are the culinary affairs that await you in balmy Bogotá, where a former Mario Batali protégé named Daniel Castaño took Vice’s Munchies crew out for a hometown gastro-crawl.

His own spot Gordo, named after his dog, is the final stop on the journey, after much restaurant-hopping, drink-sampling, and club-dancing, as any Brooklyn-inspired restaurant should be. (It’s pretty clear Daniel did his research while doing a culinary sabbatical in New York, working for Mario, and sampling our fair city’s dank-ass stoner poutine.)

Check out how Munchies rolls in Colombia below.

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