WATCH: Harold Dieterle, Josh Capon, And Pat LaFrieda Share Elaborate Bro-Date On Munchies

The latest episode of Vice’s Munchies documents a typical day at The Marrow, Harold Dieterle’s newest Italian-German fusion restaurant. That day begins with Harold swearing about his wife’s juice cleanse, and ends with Harold sloughing his painfully earnest exterior to go full-bro with his chef besties over brats.

You see, after service at The Marrow ends, Harold kicks it old-school with Dovetail’s John Fraser, and goes out for sushi to recharge (remember that nice, clean protein buzz Anthony Bourdain talks about chefs needing after service?). Then, at Daddy-O’s in the West Village, they run into none other than Josh Capon and Pat LaFrieda, and bro-hug that moment out.

Finally, they end the night back at The Marrow with brats and sauerkraut. Suddenly, owning a restaurant makes sense: free, guaranteed-delicious drunchies in the neighborhood with your bros after a long bar crawl? Genius. Also, apparently, you need to be stalking Daddy-O’s more closely for chef sightings.

Check out Muchies: The Marrow below. For even more Munchies, watch Joe Beef’s David MacMillan party Quebeqois-style, or Anthony Bourdain get ferried around in a creepy van.

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