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Munich Runs Out Of Beer Bottles And Crates As Oktoberfest Approaches

People of Bavaria, your capital needs you to start recycling! While those of us Stateside are busy reveling in our latest and greatest in patriotic beer traditions, Germany is about to face a national beer crisis.

With Oktoberfest quickly approaching, its host-city Munich is experiencing beer bottle and beer crate shortages of epic proportions. The beer, luckily, is still flowing in abundance, but there’s nowhere to put it unless the people of Munich begin recycling their empties.

“Dear Munichers — bring back your crates,” manager of the Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr brewery Heiner Müller implores his countrymen.

They’re short on bottles in the tens of thousands range, and kegs are running scarce, as well. While this is generally a time of bottle shortage due to Germany’s beer consumption in the summer months, this year’s bottle drought is especially harsh.

Oktoberfest kicks off September 22nd and runs through October 7th, so hustle your recycling back to the breweries, kids. It’s a matter of national pride.

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