WATCH: Myron Mixon Dives Into World’s Largest Apple Pie

Oh, we do love BBQ Pitmaster Myron Mixon. But, unfortunately, he seems to have missed the point of Destination America’s Apple Pie Dive, hosted on Coney Island yesterday. In honor of The Fourth, Destination America constructed the world’s largest apple pie, and then had some of its biggest stars compete in its first annual “Apple Pie Dive,” in which they had to jump into the vat of pie filling and fish out Destination America tokens.

Myron Mixon, however, opted to dive in and just kind of float around. We don’t blame him. Our competitive spirit would long ago have burnt out as well, if we had participated in as many BBQ competitions as the master, himself. Best to just splash around and assume a leisurely backstroke in a pool of pie goo, right?

Check out his dive below.

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