Mysteries: Which Hotel Won’t Let Hugh Acheson Drink At Its Bar?

If it weren’t for things like “business” and “contractual obligations” and “reputation management,” Hugh Acheson could have saved us a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, we’ll never know which hotel the following tweet, sent from somewhere in Los Angeles, refers to:

Why won’t we know which hotel is run by penis heads? (Moreover, how could the bar staff not recognize the Hughnibrow?)  Tweet-Rage Master Anthony Bourdain asked for the name of said hotel, “so we might shun them,” but Acheson demurred. “Ah shucks,” he replied, “can’t do that, we all gotta make a living I guess.”

Thankfully, a majority of people in the world are not celebrity chefs, let alone Hugh Acheson. Any guesses as to what hotel he’s referring to? (Guesses, people! We’re skirting far away from any slander laws here.)


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