WATCH: US Olympic Swimmer Natalie Coughlin Makes A Tasty Shawarma On Today

We already have a special place in our hearts for US Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin because she’s super-attractive and well-spoken we learned earlier this Olympics that she raised her own chickens and grew her own veggies. But she had yet another impressive run in London, scoring her twelfth career medal, which ties her for the most decorated US female Olympian of all time. So, once the swimming events were through, Natalie and her teammates hit up the after-parties to celebrate, natch. (NOT a pub-crawl, though, she specifies. Just a “party.” It’s cool, Nat, nobody took photographs of you pissing yourself in a post-Olympics shitshow. You remained the picture of professionalism, leadership, and all the other mama-bear qualities being swim team captain requires.)

And where’s the after-after-party going to be? At a shawarma cart, duh. Natalie’s been soaking up the British street food now that her races are over, and has picked up some killer shawarma skills, which she showed off this morning on The Today Show.

Check out her technique in the clip below. Because if it’s good enough for The Avengers, it’s definitely good enough for Olympians. Also, the Today Show anchors close out the segment by doing the Samba with Natalie to look ahead to Rio 2016, thereby eliminating any possibility that your Olympic mania will ever end.

And, for the record, we’d peruse a Natalie cookbook. Did we mention that THE WOMAN RAISES CHICKENS?

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