Video Flashback: Antonia Lofaso’s Deep-Fried Fluffernutter For National PB&J Day

It might be National PB&J Day (cue a web-wide chorus of “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”), but as we all know, straight PB&J is for plebes. The myriad of ways to gussie up the original is where it’s at. See: Justin Warner’s deep-fried foie gras and jelly sandwich.

But let’s flash back to a simpler time: remember when Antonia Lofaso made a fluffernutter sandwich on The Chew and then deep-fried it, to Daphne Oz’s revulsion? For the uninitiated, a fluffernutter is sort of an East Coast PB&J with marshmallow fluff in place of the jelly. Antonia’s version also contains banana slices and panko breading, and was dropped into hot oil, because she’s a genius.

check out the clip below to relive the magic sandwich moment. Then, get thee to a grocery store and celebrate National PB&J day minus that healthy serving of fruit. It’s like the Dessert Fan’s version of a turducken (but equally socially unacceptable).

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