Bravo’s New Food Lineup Includes A Lady-Focused Docu-series And A Ramsay Spin-Off

We’re still waiting for deets on what will probably be a godawful scripted series from Bravo tracking the Pepsi vs. Coca Cola advertising wars of the 1980s, but the network did announce two new food-focused reality shows today, and one of them is produced by the lovable Gordon Ramsay himself.

His show will be an American version of his UK series Ramsay’s Best Restaurant, entitled America’s Best Restaurant. It’s a competition show that functions like Top Chef, but with 16 restaurants from all over the country vying for the title of best experience, rather than a single person vying for Top Chef.

And for the ladies out there: Bravo is developing what is essentially a food-centric version of Gallery Girls. Eat, Drink, Love follows six “single, successful, beautiful” women on the Los Angeles food scene (non-chefs, as far as we can tell) as they navigate a male dominated blah-blah. We can feel the sugary sweet brain candy rotting our insides already. (Also: we can feel the career-driven lady validation as spinsterdom looms nigh. Phew.)

[Deadline h/t Eater]

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