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New Coca-Cola Promotion Attempts to Reduce Waste, Turn Empty Bottles into Other Useful Things

Awwww look at this promotion that just launched in Vietnam: as part of its efforts to reduce plastic waste in Asia, Coca-Cola is giving out screw-on bottle tops that turns empty plastic Coke bottles into other things. (Fittingly, the promotion is called “2nd Life.”) The video below displays some of the new things you can use your empty Coke bottle for: painting, weightlifting, pencil sharpening, water gunning, Sriracha dispensing, night lighting, etc. Eventually, Coke hopes to expand the giveaway throughout Southeast Asia.

This is a cute idea, though we don’t know if it’s actually going to be effective, and many are openly questioning if Coca-Cola is just “greenwashing” itself — or just adding more plastic trash on the pile. One YouTube commenter noted that the tone of the video was “Lenin/Marx-level propaganda,” which we’d nominally agree with. But UGH THAT SONG takes this author back to Vietnamese childhood. (Heck, even the entire point of the project — turn old bottles into useful things and toys — is, for a certain type of immigrant kid, nostalgic.)

[via First We Feast]

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