Reissue Of Kitchen Confidential To Include Anthony Bourdain’s Handwritten Notes

You know what would make Anthony Bourdain‘s seminal, industry-changing autobiography even more interesting? If Bourdain wrote all over it.

Okay, paying extra for the privilege of knowing what Bourdain’s handwriting looks like seems a bit obsessive. But apparently Ecco Publishing wants to make it rain, so they’re reissuing a special insider’s edition of Kitchen Confidential with a ton of new content. And while we’re wondering why one would need a hand-written introduction and annotations when typed ones will do just fine (we like typography too much),  the new edition has plenty of things going for it, such as:

  • -It’s pocket-sized, for those times when you’re sitting on the steps in the alleyway smoking a cigarette during a lull in the worst brunch shift ever and you want to read something written by someone who knows, damnit.
  • -Maybe you’re the type of person who really likes the appearance of Bourdain making notes in your very own copy of Kitchen Confidential.
  • -These notes are from the perspective of a post-Kitchen Confidential restaurant world, which now includes things like TV celebrity chefs, locavores, us, and Paula Deen.

The uber-Kitchen Confidential comes out on October 30, which makes us wonder if Bourdain would ever consider doing a similar Regretful Creator’s Commentary over that television series that we all want to forget existed.

[Ecco via Eater]

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