The Sandra Lee Magazine Is A Real Thing That Is Really Coming To Newsstands

“But Braiser Ladies!” you might say, smirking at our apparent ignorance. “Your headline is incorrect. Sandra Lee already had a magazine that was all about making semi-homemade food things!”

Unfortunately, you are incorrect, so stop smirking. Sandra Lee is coming out with a lifestyle magazine that covers more than just cooking, according to the New York Post. “It will cover all aspects of living well — from cooking and entertainment to fashion and style,” she said in an interview with its blog Media Ink. “It’s conceived to be a resource to the overextended homemaker with aspirational, attainable, affordable information.”

In fact, the old Sandra Lee magazine was last printed in January, and this magazine launches in partnership with TV Guide. As part of her contract with TV Guide, she will also pen a weekly column for their nationwide magazine.

This new experiment in print media will hit newsstands and electronic iPad ripoff devices in November, and be published twice a month. If you’re the type of person who wants to get subscriptions to this magazine, sad news: there will be no subscriptions. And it costs $6.99 per issue.

[NYP via Eater]


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