What Do Cool Scientists Serve At Parties? Goat Testicles And Tiny Plants, Naturally

(Image: The Explorer’s Club)

The schoolchild inside us obsessed with turn-of-the-century adventurism is unfathomably jealous that the New York Explorer’s Club 1, exists and 2, has been hosting annual get-togethers for the past 108 years. If only we had become biologists, archeologists, paleontologists, sociologists, or done anything other than obsessively consume Rudyard Kipling stories, perhaps we, too, could be sharing in the exotic bites biologist Gene Rurka is prepping for this year’s gala. In an interview with Bon Appetit, Rurka broke down the menu for us:

“There will be rattlesnake, turtle, elk, and antelope, probably a hog or hogs plural, and goats, for people who don’t want to be too adventurous. Alligator two or three different ways. Some kangaroo, a glazed kangaroo, maybe a roast. Three different sausages–a duck, a rabbit, and a pheasant–with braised cabbage. Last year we had pretty good success with jellyfish, so we’re going to be doing a couple of jellyfish dishes, most likely steamed and with some dipping sauces. And then for plant materials, durian, the “smelliest plant in the world,” whole and frozen, organ meats, kidneys and spleens, testicles. You can call them what you will, but they’re goat testicles, however you want to cut them.”

And that’s not counting the eyeball-garnished martinis. Bottoms up!

[Bon Appetit]

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