New York Finally Opens Nightclub For Toddlers, Because Nobody Wants to Actually Be A Parent

Are you a former scenester with kids, who loves clubbing but hates how boring parenthood is? Wouldn’t children’s birthday parties be more interesting with Red Bull/vodkas and ecstasy? If you’re a New Yorker — and of course you are, this is only something you’d want to do in New York — you’re in luck, because there’s a nightclub for kids and their parents who desperately cling to their youth!

Introducing Fuzipop, a “monthly dance party for kids under 12,” held during off-hours at popular NYC night clubs and DJ’d by a nine-year old. It’s a perfect combo of childish energy and adult childishness: while kids rage to Miley Cyrus,the adults are drinking at a cash bar!

It costs $20 for a parent and their child to get in the club, and $60 for a family of four, and apparently Fuzipop is breaking even so far. Adorably, bouncers tell CNN that the juicebox-drinking toddlers are better behaved than most of their clientele, though they haven’t said anything about the behavior of the parents, who, by the way, love it:

“I went to high school with [Fuzipop founder Jesse Sprague] and we used to go clubbing together all the time,” said Karli Mennuti, a teacher who has brought her 8-year-old son to three of Fuzipop’s events so far. “Now we can live vicariously through our kids, and we can all blow off steam together.”

If that graf doesn’t summarize the entire point of Fuzipop, then we don’t know what does.

[CNN via Eater NY]

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