Who Made Adam Platt’s List Of Best New Chefs And Restaurants Of 2012?

In advance of any outrage, please note that New York Magazine’s food critic Adam Platt acknowledged that Andy Ricker is not technically a new chef. But, he is new to New York, as is his uber-authentic Thai spot Pok Pok.

“Thanks to Andy Ricker, you don’t have to travel to Chiang Mai to taste real Northern Thai cooking. You just have to get yourself to the Brooklyn waterfront,” Platt wrote of Pok Pok in his “Where To Eat 2013.”

Ricker also landed on his Five Best New Chefs list alongside Joseph Ogrodnek and Walker Stern of Battersby, pasta wizard Justin Smillie, and Atera’s Matthew Lightner.

Added Adam, “The James Beard winner isn’t really a New York chef, or new. But we’re glad to have him in town.”

See? He’s all over you, Portland.

Refreshingly missing from “Where to Eat 2013” was Mission Chinese, which means that maybe next year we’ll be able to get inside in less that two hours. Dare we dream to hope? Oh, well. Huddling around a keg for three hours just to have your face melted off by Szechuan peppers is fun, too.

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