New York Sushi Chef Hoards Gasoline Post-Sandy, Lights Employees On Fire By Accident

Sure, everyone in New York with a car has been hoarding gas ever since Hurricane Sandy hit, and there have definitely been some unsavory exchanges made for the hot (literally) commodity. But a New York sushi chef’s hoarding activities had some dire consequences, including the act of Lighting Employees On Fire.

Fei Teng, who worked at ENO in Manhattan’s East Side, had been hoarding and hiding gasoline in empty soy sauce buckets in the restaurant’s basement. Last Friday night, he asked one of his employees to bring up a bucket to fill his car — but he tripped, spilling half a bucket of gasoline on the kitchen floor, near unsafe things like flames and grills and fire.

“The gas ignited and a chef nearby was immediately torched,” the New York Daily News dryly reported. “He had first- and second-degree burns over his body and on his face. A busboy and a waitress suffered second- and third-degree burns on their legs.”

The three were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and received treatment over the weekend, while we sit here and wonder whether we’d risk third-degree burns in exchange for gasoline, or whether we’d follow the lead of these people. Then we all laughed and realized that public transportation is, as the New York Times dubbed it, magic.


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