Four Ex-New York Times Critics (and Pete Wells) Dish Their Disguises and More

A delightfully fresh-faced Ruth Reichl, plus William Grimes, Frank Bruni, Sam Sifton and Pete Wells sat down with New York Times senior editor Rick Berke to chat about life as the world’s food critic.

In a multi-video series on, they dish the star system, Ruth’s Betty the Baglady disguise, and sneaking into the bathroom with a menu to take notes, along with what dining alone says about you (“In those days, a woman alone was often treated very badly.”).

Overused adjectives? Check: eatery, studded, slathered, crispy, crisp, succulent, toothsome, fried, spicy, rich, crunchy, unctuous, and silky.

As for foods they won’t eat, Pete Wells admitted, “Animals that are moving do give me pause…”

You can check out the video series in its entirety here.

[New York Times]

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