New Yorkers To Go On Million Big Gulp March To Protest Bloomberg’s Soda Ban

New York City is thirsty, brothers and sisters. Thirsty from the oppressive heat waves of this weekend, and thirsty from the oppressive bans on large sugary beverages placed upon us by Pharaoh Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

This is why a group of libertarians calling themselves NYC Liberty HQ (obviously) have taken it upon themselves to organize the first voter outreach and protest effort against the ban. The Million Big Gulp March takes place this afternoon in City Hall Park, from 4:30 PM to 7:45 PM, with speeches from local councilmembers and financial commentator Peter Schiff.

Naturally, you may be riled up to march against That Man, and are currently assembling riot gear in case you get hosed by drinking water. If you’re planning to march with the million (read: thousand) protesters on City Hall, may we suggest a few signs for you? Because a catchy sign always gets people to change their opinions about controversial issues.

  • “Let My Stomach Grow”
  • “No Big Governments, Just Big Gulps”
  • “No Taxation Without High-Fructose Hydration”
  • “I Have A Dreamsicle Milkshake”
  • “I’ve Been To The Mountain Dew”
  • “Don’t Tread On Me, I’m In A Food Coma And Don’t Feel Like Getting Up”
  • “Say It Loud — I’m Fat And I’m Proud”
  • “We Shall Over-Consume”
  • “If We Have Our Sodas, Does This Mean Reagan Will Come Back From The Dead?”


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