New York’s Eataly Replaces Wine Store with Nutella Bar, Proving Dreams Do Come True

Back when Eataly opened up in Chicago, we were all grumbly about the Nutella bar inside because well, we wanted a taste. Turns out, now we too can have nice things: Eataly’s New York outpost is installing a Nutella Bar.

After a little snafu with the State Liquor Authority earlier this year, Eataly found itself unable to sell wine in its wine store until October. So you know, Eataly turned lemons into lemonade — or, should we say, turned empty wine bottles into Nutella crepes — by replicating the very popular Nutella bar in the wine store.

Eater shares the new menu, which includes crepes (duh), brioche, bread, and muffins all slathered with the stuff. But the real question remains: what happens after October? Will the Nutella Bar close, remaining an elusive lover? Or will Eataly relocate the Nutella to the rumored new location? Better get in line now.


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