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Newsweek Hops On The Asparagus-As-Phallic-Object Magazine Bandwagon

This is the latest cover of Newsweek Magazine. The covers of magazines always highlight the stories of greatest import in that week’s edition, which, in this case, is a list of the best restaurants in the world.

(This edition also features an in-depth story by David Frum about the death-spiral of America’s middle class, as well as their highly-anticipated lists of college rankings, but those aren’t as important as asparagus fellatio.)

Raphael Brion at Eater points out that this steamy steamed veggie stock photo was already used on the cover of the U.K. Observer’s Food Monthly issue.

It is unlikely that this image was chosen to boost the magazine’s sales, but instead to indicate the dangerous and growing trend of  people equating food with sex in America.


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