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WATCH: Why NEXT Will Never Crowdsource a Concept

The short answer: because you gluten freaks are too weird to handle. Said restaurateur Nick Kokonas in this interview with Potluck Video that Next’s attempt to crowdsource one of their concepts via social media that one time was largely an experiment for them to laugh at crazy people. Well, we’re reading between the lines. What he actually said was this:

“Even when we did that — I kinda put that out there to see what people were interested in, or what people would say. And people who are from a certain dietary restriction will go, you know, ‘I can’t wait for you to do a menu where there’s absolutely no mushrooms whatsoever.’ I’m just picking that as an example because I don’t want to offend the actual ones. You get this vocal minority, and what you realize is that the best menus that we do are the ones that somebody within the restaurant or all of us have a real passion for.”

And ain’t nobody passionate about your Gwyneth Paltrow diet, Gwyneth. You can check out the interview from the Next team in its entirety below.

[h/t Potluck Video]

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