WATCH: Team Guarnaschelli-Vigneron Gets Eviscerated By Team Appleman-Freitag On Next Iron Chef Redemption

Last night’s Next Iron Chef: Redemption narrowed the competition from four to three in the Las Vegas buffet challenge of “Transcendence” with bacon as the Secret Ingredient. Amanda Freitag, as winner of the previous week’s Chairman’s Challenge, got to choose the teams of two who would go on to compose a 5-course (three hot, two cold) buffet meal for 30 people. She chose well.

Amanda and Nate Appleman dominated the episode, transcending grody buffet food by serving their five dishes as small bites. Marcel Vigneron and Alex Guarnaschelli, however, just…wrapped a bunch of stuff in bacon.

Mercifully, Alex kicked Marcel’s ass out of the competition later in the Secret Ingredient Showdown, with just about the most beautiful goddamned plate of food we’ve seen yet. Check out the brutal landslide judging of Teams Appleman-Freitag and Guarnaschelli-Vigneron in the two clips below.

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