Next Iron Chef Is Now Filming Double Secret Footage In Las Vegas

Here is some super exciting Food Network news to spice up your workday: filming of The Next Iron Chef, Season 5, is underway in that random city in the middle of the desert!

The Las Vegas Sun reports that on Monday they spotted hosts Alton Brown, Simon Majumdar, and past season winner/current Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian at Wolfgang Puck’s Bar and Grill at the MGM Grand, “plotting the show’s twists, turns and challenges while having lunch.”

And what are these twisty plot twists? Well, it wouldn’t be a secret if we could tell you, now, would it? What we did learn is that the season is titled “Redemption,” hinting that the show’s past contestants would come back for another shot at the title, Top Chef: All Stars style.

This also means that we have a better idea of who might be competing!  Past contestants can be seen here, but with 24 non-winners of Next Iron Chef, it’s a doozy of a list. Who do you think will compete this year? Because trust us, it could be anyone.

[h/t Eater National]

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