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WATCH: Spike And Marcel Combine Forces In Secret Ingredient Bro-Down

Two Top Chef All-Stars were condemned to the Secret Ingredient Showdown on last night’s Next Iron Chef: Redemption; only one would emerge to continue cooking. OR WOULD THEY? Let’s keep in mind that Spike Mendelsohn and Marcel Vigneron were both products of the Top Chef gimmick machine…

When the two chefs wound up in the bottom of last night’s Transformation Challenge, they were forced to face off in the Secret Ingredient Showdown using lobster. Once plating time came around, though, Marcel had the bright idea to plate their dishes together because they’re best bros and could totally take over Iron Chef as the wonder-twins! Not. The judges agreed to accept the combo dish and judge it as a singular entity, provided they could either eliminate or keep Marcel and Spike as a unit. Oh wait, just kidding, Marcel and Spike didn’t sign up for that, and would rather be judged individually after all, unless they can both stay. Shock of the century: turns out the judges hate half-assers.

Ultimately, Spike was sent home, while the rest of the competitors bemoaned how shamefully the two disrespected the great Iron Chef tradition. Check out the brutal bromantical backfire below.

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