WATCH: Alton Brown Admits He’s ‘Embarrassed’ For Marcel Vigneron On Next Iron Chef Redemption

Last night’s Next Iron Chef: Redemption whittled the competition from five to four and, against all odds, Marcel Vigneron is still in the running.

This week, he succeeded yet again in the unholy ingredient wedding in Las Vegas after having the advantage as the winner of last week’s challenge. His prize: the power to assign unfortunate pairings, thought up by Alton Brown in a Vegas wedding chapel in honor of the challenge theme: fusion. Naturally, he chose the easiest pairing — blue cheese and peanut butter — for himself.

“I’m a little embarrassed because that’s an easy one,” Alton leveled at him. Ouch!

“Whatever,” Marcel scoffed with an eye-roll in the confessional. Ultimately, Chef Jehangir Mehta went home after a shrimp teppanyaki Secret Ingredient Showdown against Nate Appleman. Everyone’s general annoyance at Marcel is starting to show, and we’re starting to feel a little Food TV Supervillain déjà vu.

Check out Alton’s unsavory unions, and see whom Marcel doomed with what below.

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