WATCH: Next Iron Chef Redemption’s First Feud Erupts

We have to thank the Food Network gods last night for so considerately packing all of Next Iron Chef: Redemption’s action into an hour-long episode. We can only endure 90 minutes of competition shows for so long. The episode moved quickly, culminating in one of the fiercest Elimination Showdown challenges in recent memory. Indeed, Simon Majumdar admitted that had Elizabeth Falkner made her elimination dish from last night in her finale showdown last season, she’d be sitting on the judging panel alongside him instead of last season’s winner Geoffrey Zakarian.

Before the battle (where Chef Duskie Estes was ultimately sent home), we saw the early stirrings of what could prove to be this season’s obligatory feud. Marcel Vigneron and Jenhangir Mehta had a spat over burner temp tampering in their falafel face-off, which may paint Mehta as this season’s dirty competitor. Also in the clip below, Spike Mendelsohn alleges that he’s not as nice as Marcel, which is completely hilarious on rich and varied levels.

Bonus: Marcel gets foamy.

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