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WATCH: Next Iron Chef Redemption Stars Help GMA Anchors Redeem Their On-Air Culinary Blunders

If only this service was available to certain Today Show anchors… Oh, wait. It was. We guess no number of Iron Chefs can save Savannah Guthrie. In any case, Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer have experienced their fair share of culinary blunders when put to work during cooking segments on Good Morning America.

Josh once cut himself slicing a turkey (THE WRONG WAY) on air, so Alex Guarnaschelli of Next Iron Chef: Redemption came to the rescue, redeeming him with an easy turkey meatball recipe, no knives involved.

Lara failed miserably at poaching eggs with Bobby Flay, so Next Iron Chef: Redemption’s Nate Appleman helped out by showing her how to poach scrambled eggs instead of risking a broken yolks.

…Okay, so both outs are kind of Redemption cheats, but that’s okay. Charging news anchors with cooking tasks is like helping a toddler blow out a birthday candle!

Check out the clip below.

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